The Story of the Minoan Fall Collection

The Story of the Minoan Fall Collection


One Equal Temper of Heroic Hearts


Boldly we raised our sons,
Unaware of our imminent downfall.
High towers we raised, almost to reach the gods,
But they laid us low with one sweep of their hands;
Were we too bold too soon?

All that we fought to build was lost, extinguished from mortal memory.
This dynasty crushed under layers of ash and the engulfing waves.
Golden Knossos and Mallia, now empty shadows of their former glory.

I am all that remains.

Through me, their memory lives on, the ideals of a glorious nation.
I will not see these heroes forgotten, their deeds turned to dust.

Hold these words close to your heart, speak their name.
Burnish their memory through remembrance.


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