Iris Glass specialises in the creation of custom glass surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms and windows.
These are bespoke creations, specific to the installation. We can get involved in the early design and conceptualisation, helping you to bring an idea to reality. Alternatively we can take an existing concept and develop it closely aligned to your creative vision.

Please see some examples of our Glass Surfaces below. If you are interested in a custom-made glass surface, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
For for unique glass artwork which can be framed or wall mounted, view our current pieces here.


Velvet Glass – Bathroom Surface and Mirror Surround


This rich, dark fuchsia adds warmth, character and style to the bathroom. The glass is incredibly durable and very easy to clean.

Molten Chocolate – Kitchen Splashback


This splashback was commissioned to run the length of the kitchen surface. It adds a unique, warm texture and is very easily cleaned and water-resistant.


Intrigue – Kitchen Splashback


Another theme, taking a more floral approach, adding some interest and beauty to the kitchen.

Tree of Life – Window Installation


This glass painting was commissioned for an internal arched window. The resulting light is dappled and subtle, adding a lovely feeling to the room, while keeping the brightness during the day.

Grief of Orpheus – Glass Door Panel


This panel has been installed in an external door. The design is from our Grief of Orpheus collection.
The play of light through the glass which is semi-transparent in places and completely opaque in others, creates a wonderful warm effect.

Endless possibilities

The creative choices are really endless. A vast variety of colour schemes, shapes and designs can be created in the Iris Glass workshop.
Please find below a variety of other glass panels that have recently been ordered. These custom glass panels are all approximately 200cm in height.


Glass Surfaces FAQ

Can I speak to you about a glass surface design idea?
Sure thing, give us a call or drop us an email to discuss the possibilities and see if we can turn your idea into a reality.

Do the custom glass surfaces take longer to produce and deliver?
Very often yes. It’s hard to say exactly how long as each project has unique challenges and requirements.
We will make a delivery estimate along with any quote.

Can you create small samples to get a better idea of the design?
This is possible. We can create small sample designs, allowing for a much more accurate understanding of how the final design will look. There will be an associated cost, which will be included with the quote.

How accurately must the installation space be measured?
Due to the nature of fused glass, there can be some variation in size during production.
We endeavour to get as close as possible to the exact size required. Ideally the dimensions need to be accurate to within 1mm when sent across to us, depending on where the glass surface will be installed.


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