We are guided by simple, fundamental principles.



Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. (William Morris)

Like old Bill Morris, we love unique, handmade objects with a soul. We want our glass creations to fulfil a purpose in your life. We believe that everything we surround ourselves with can be a work of art and beauty in its own right. When you buy a piece from us, we want it to add to your life, and to become a part of your story.



Life should be filled with memorable stories

In this throwaway age of mass production, life can soon be filled with random ‘stuff’, with no story, meaning or true value. Each of our products has a story, a purpose and a creator. We hope each item can be an heirloom, passed on to others, something that brings constant pleasure and provides inspiration for many years.



Exceptional service is a must, not an added benefit

We strive to deliver the best possible service to you through all stages of our relationship. From production, through initial contact, delivery and final fulfilment of your expectations. We want to delight and surprise you, and if this is not achieved, make sure we take all necessary steps to fix it. Really, we exist because you like what we do, and we want to keep listening and keep on delivering.



Connecting with YOU

We don’t want to create customers, we want to build lasting relationships. We hope this can be the beginning of something long-term, a conversation that we can keep going.
Our range of products is always changing based on feedback and new inspiration. We want to hear your story, your mighty exploits and your insights into life. Life is a journey better walked with friends.



Life is Full of Magic

We love stories and fantastical tales of ancient lands and mythical gods. We believe there is real magic in sharing stories with friends and in preserving nature, the source of this magic.

As a society we can be judged on how we treat the vulnerable, and by this we mean our environment, our fellow humans and animals. We want to preserve our incredible planet for future generations and make sure our activities are low impact. We also want to put back where possible. In our small team we have vegans, active environmentalists and animal lovers.

These principles guide our decisions and future direction.

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