The Story of the Hecate Collection

The Story of the Hecate Collection


Eulogy of the Lost Traveller


Mark my path wild goddess!

This crossroads finds me wanting, my way unclear, shrouded in mystery. Glory or downfall await me, though I know not which.

Ancient watcher, older than the titans, stalwart of Zeus, you have shielded me for some greater purpose. Though it is often said your aspect is many-fold and your nature wayward, I put my trust in your guidance; your torch lights my way.

Wild dogs are tamed by your hand. Mighty bulls bow their heads in your presence. Oh, mountain walker, old mother, Earth-Shaker, young bride, you have been my shepherd.

Mother of angels, bestow your blessings upon me as I stand at this juncture. Help me to walk the higher path and find my true calling.


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