The Story of the Aeolian Dunes Collection

The Story of the Aeolian Dunes Collection


Trials of the Desert

aeolian-dunesAlexander pulled the dust-covered hood from his head and drew a hand across his sweat-soaked brow.

Behind him the great western desert of North Africa stretched to the horizon and beyond, blanketing the earth in orange and red. His personal bodyguard of 200 men trailed behind him in single file, snaking along the knife-edged dunes.

Before him stood the famed Oracle of Ammon, his sole objective and destination over the last 3 months. The journey to Siwa had been long and dangerous; now finally, he had arrived.

A figure emerged from the temple, fully swathed against the searing mid-day sun. Alexander spurred his mount forward to greet him.

“Welcome my child!”, the cloaked figure cried out. “Long have we been expecting you”.
He quickly turned back to the temple, eager to get out of the heat.

“Join us in the inner sanctum”. The priest waved Alexander forward. “However, your men must remain in the courtyard. These old grey stones provide ample shelter from the heat. I will have water sent out to them”.

With a final glance over his shoulder, Alexander strained his eyes to try to find an end to the ranked progress of the dunes. They seemed to go on forever, an endless cascade. The return journey would be punishing. “Worth the effort”, he told himself, and put them from his mind.

Not forgotten, but waiting; just another trial welcomed by a man whose will had been tested, and which had once again proven indomitable.


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