The Story of the Theogony Collection

The Story of the Theogony Collection


The Birth of Order


Chaos surged and boiled, fighting against a new desire to establish form and order. Pulled back and forth with inexorable force, chaos strained to remain whole.

Finally, in a single, exquisite moment, the chains of chaos were broken and the universe was born, soaked in new matter and natural laws.

Before the stars formed, young primordial gods found their consciousness and became aware. Will and purpose condensed and these new minds cried out their delight.

Vast columns of new matter and seething tendrils of primitive elements streamed forth from the young minds as their purpose was made real. Colossal stars began to ignite in the wombs of great gas clouds and the universe conformed to new irresistible forces.

Chaos receded and saw that this newfound order was incredibly beautiful, like a blooming flower, which would flourish and later crumble, then decay. Balance had been restored.

We are a single moment of order, a blink in the eye of the universe, always returning to chaos.

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