The Story of the Grief of Orpheus Collection

The Story of the Grief of Orpheus Collection


Minstrel of the Gods


I heard his cry at dawn, from the slopes of Mount Pangaion.
Suddenly the world was without music as his divine harp fell still.

The gods had once wept on hearing his mournful song, now never to be heard in this mortal world again.

Young Orpheus! Will you see the face of Eurydice once more, as she sits beneath the oak? Her hair shimmering in the warm autumn breeze. The sun was sharp and bright that morning when you first heard her sweet voice, so gentle.

This should not be!
Apollo and Hades softened to your music once. Can they forgive the man who once looked back, longing for the glance of his beloved, when he should have walked on?

Will you hold love in your arms once more in the shade of the young oak?


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