Glass Art Panel – Grief of Orpheus Collection


A truly stunning one-of-a-kind work of art on a large scale. This is a double layered, fused glass creation, weighing in at 23kg and is 1.3 metres in height.

The delicate detail is all hand created, the vibrant colours created with a wealth of various powders and metal inclusions.

Takis Mattes created this panel over a period of around 2 weeks at the Iris Glass workshop. The panel is laid out with care and is then heated in the main kiln to over 840 degrees, over a period of around 10 hours.

This creation is unique, being designed, produced and finished by hand. It is ideal as a special gift for a new home or an exceptional occasion or a great gift for yourself, transforming your living room wall into an unforgettable sight.

International delivery is possible.

Only 1 available.

Size:  130cm x 80cm x 0.8cm      Weight: 23 kg