Iris Glass are a world-renowned glass art studio based in Athens, Greece. All pieces of glass on this site are unique and hand-crafted by one of our Iris Glass artisans. Each sliver and fragment placed by hand, with purpose, in order to create a work of beauty. When you purchase an Iris Glass creation you are buying a piece of art with heritage and lasting value.


Athanasia was born on the beautiful Greek island of Chios and later studied classical art and interior design at some of the great art schools of Greece.

Lead Artist

Takis has 19 years of experience in the art of glass fusion. He spent a period in Spain, studying different glass techniques, quietly developing his own style.


Mat is not a web designer, or a web developer. It’s Mat’s job to blunder his way to a solution through luck and the wonders of Google.

Biz Dev

Ada is the wandering traveller of the family, currently living in the UK, after spending several years in beautiful Ireland. Ada is responsible for spreading the Iris Glass passion worldwide.

The Iris Glass Workshop

Iris Glass is a family-run business, based in the heart of Athens in Greece, with connections to many of the Greek islands. The business was founded in 2000 by Athanasia Karakonstanti-Spyratou, who still leads the artistic direction and some of the production.

As well as the main workshop, we also run a retail outlet in the centre of Athens. The city of Athens provides continual inspiration for a lot of our work, it’s really quite a city. Greece as a whole has been struggling over recent years through a financial crisis, and also a crisis of identity. Through all of this, the people of Greece have tried to keep moving forward, to keep their heads high. Athens remains a vibrant metropolis with incredible cultural diversity. This eclectic city will remain the foundation upon which we build and create our hopes and dreams, and continue our own story.

Glass Specialists

Our specialization is the creation of artistic fused glass using a variety of techniques and forms. We also have a passion for the legends and history of Greece. We have tried to infuse each piece of work with a story and imbue it with soul and magic.

Working with glass is at times incredibly fulfilling, at other times unpredictable and challenging.
Kiln temperatures can rise to 850 ºCelsius and the shattering of glass is a constant risk. The materials used are often expensive and difficult to handle, such as pure silver and gold.
However, we believe the end results speak volumes, and we feel incredibly excited to offer our creations to you. Glass has an eternal beauty, hard to recreate with any other material.

Over the course of 15 years we have had the opportunity to work extensively with glass and build a wealth of experience into the nature of glass in its many states. Glass, though seemingly inert and unreactive, interacts with other materials, such as oxides and powders, in fascinating ways, producing a wide variety of effects.

It can be a challenge to work with such a fragile and often dangerous medium, but the process is ultimately rewarding and incredibly satisfying.

Orange red Greek style body sculpture Forgotten Bust by Iris Glass

The Story Goes On

Iris Glass has exhibited worldwide through gallery collections and art shops in Tokyo, London, Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, Cannes, Palma, Mexico City, Montreal, Bucharest, Punta Cana, Sydney, Damascus, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai and many more places.

We hope you can enjoy the variety and uniqueness of each piece, as they are the result of much effort and creative evolution. They are more than simple objects, they have a rich story.

The next chapter of the story is waiting to be written.

To find out a bit more about what drives our love for glass, please visit our Ethos Page.